Working with Unitruck

The keen-eyed of you may have noticed in the last few weeks that GX06 DYW has had a slight makeover in the form of a new pair of mirror arms. When we purchased GX06 DYW we had some very old-style mirror arms that were starting to show their age.

The nearside mirror arm was extremely loose due to its general age, and despite the screw being tightened and replaced, it didn’t make much difference. The offside mirror arm was in reasonable condition but if we were to replace one we might as well replace both?

We sent a few emails around to manufacturers and one of those was Unitruck who were more than happy to help us out.

Thanks to Unitruck they supplied us with two top-of-the-range brand new mirror arms and brackets to fix them to GX06 DYW.

Our very own volunteers, Adrian Gibson and Ashley Jordan fitted these mirror arms with some great difficulty at first. Though with lots of sweat and hard work, we got them fitted.

Unitruck said

Unitruck are a proud member of our community and we were very happy to be contacted by the ‘GX06 DYW Preservation Group‘ who were in need of repairs to keep their Volunteer bus on the roads.

Unitruck bus mirror arms are universal and so can be adapted to work on almost any bus mirror, which is great for many preserved bus groups and us.

You can read the Unitruck article by going to

We want to say a huge thank you to Unitruck and to Mathew at Unitruck who have been amazing and have made a huge improvement. All of our drivers have commented saying how it feels safer now the mirror arms are more secure and they look nicer.

They’ve even been referred to as a new pair of ears!

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