GX06 DYW Preservation Group moves membership billing to ChargeBee

Over the last few months, the GX06 DYW Preservation Group have been working behind the scenes to try and improve the billing process for both new and existing members who sign up for our membership.

Back in December, we moved our existing members onto a new portal powered by FossBilling. Sadly this software has not worked out very well for us and has presented several issues which has affected clients. While initially it was successful it’s proved more of a headache.

We originally decided to move to FossBilling from our previous payment provider Stripe as this saved us money by being able to take payments via another payment provider Mollie.

We have now integrated all clients over to a new platform from provider Chargebee. Chargebee manages the billing process and passes the payments onto our chosen provider Mollie. This means we will benefit from lower payment processing fees. Members will notice the change when their existing membership is due for renewal.

Members will receive emails from Chargebee up to 28 days before their membership is due for renewal and will act as if it’s starting for the first time. Members generally won’t notice much difference however managing their subscription is now even easier with no need to have a new login and remember passwords as Chargebee offers single sign-on (SSO).

Ashley Williams group founder said:

It’s always been difficult to find something that helps keep our costs down. When we found out about payment provider Mollie we where extremly keen to move over from Stripe as we save a few pennies on each membership. Allowing members to manage their billing has been a diffcult one again trying to keep our costs down. We hope that working with Chargebee members will see the benefits to them as well as to us.

New members can sign up with all links updated on our website. Existing members will be contacted when their membership is due for renewal.

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