GX06 DYW Preservation Group moves The Bus Stop to Microsoft Teams

The GX06 DYW Preservation Group has moved its members-only community, The Bus Stop, to Microsoft Teams.

Previously the members-only community was run on the group’s web hosting platform using software by HumHub. HumHub has served the group extremely well however the group decided to use Microsoft Teams which adds some great benefits and features.

Adrian Gibson Group founder said:

We started using Microsoft Teams for our volunteers to keep up to date with the group and to be able to communicate together. We realised there was a huge potenial to make use of Teams for our members-only platform as well. Members can simply login using an existing Microsoft account and have full access to the platform. The platform benefits from Apps for both iOS and Android as well as desktop apps for Windows PC and MacOS.

We spoke to one of our members Ben Ford about the move to Microsoft Teams for The Bus Stop and he said

Moving us members over to Microsoft Teams was really easy. We simply got given a link and we’ve been able to access the portal once we have been approved. It makes sharing our photos and stories really easy and getting access to the latest updates is so much easier than before.

The group is always looking at ways to improve the features it offers to it’s paid members online and we hope that the move to Microsoft Teams will be seen as a positive one overall.

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