Media Kit

The Font

We use several fonts in the preservation group. Our main font is a font has been designed in house and is custom made by Harry Thompson. You can see the font on the Hanover display! We also use Trebuchet MS and Raleway.

Our Logo’s.

We have various logos we use which are all used in different ways. If you wish to use our logo you can do so by asking us for permission by dropping an email to we can then arrange to send you a high-quality copy. Each logo has different reasons behind them.

How we use our logos

Each of our logos has been created for a specific use.

Our main logo is used on our website, social media etc.
Our logo with no interior detail is used for uniform that is embroidered.
Our loop logo is freely used by members and for branded merchandise.
Our Pride logo is used during Pride Month and at Pride Events.
Our Volunteers logo is used by our volunteers and represents our team colour.
Our membership logo is our loop logo with a coloured loop around the outside. Each colour represents the membership level. Green for Adults, Orange for Concession, Red for Family and Blue for Juniors. Each colour is from the Stagecoach logo!
Our member’s badge logo changes each year with a different design and colour.

Our Colours

We use twelve colours within the group. Each colour we use is either from the Stagecoach Beachball Logo or the current Stagecoach logo. We also use two colours from the Stagecoach corporate group logo. As well as that we also use a shade of purple to represent our team.









Our uniform as issued to volunteers is purple. We decided on this colour as it stands out from our logo and makes us easier to spot at bus shows. As a result, our team use the hashtag #TeamPurple you’ll sometimes see this used across all social media platforms and on the back of the bus!

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